Moon Over Miami

As the last supermoon of 2017 descends today, so do the superstars and Superfine! World, satellite art fairs and fêtes on America’s cruise capital, and all-around gadabout playground, Miami, USA. For a week (December 4-10, 2017) Art Basel’s North American venue becomes a nexus for artists, gallerists, agents, curators, collectors, critics, educators, press, VIPs and movers and shakers looking to discover the next wunderkind, industry scoop, or scene-stealer that will make the story back home. Hopefully also making the return trip are artworks, introductions and opportunities that will continue to foster the burgeoning interest in contemporary art for the other 357 days in the year until the annual Exposition’s next merrymaking invite.

Aqua Art Miami Cosmos Montage, 2017 NAS |  Digital Collage

For Miami Art Week attendees and partygoers wanting to brunch on art, visit Aqua Art at Aqua Hotel, South Beach. Among those-in-the-know, the Fair is the place to scout “fresh talent” in a “relaxed yet energetic vibe.” The #mood is an extension of the Hotel’s courtyard-opening rooms exhibitors make over into pop-up galleries. So, working on your tan and your art collection with a mimosa at hand is definitely doable.

Pittsburgh fave and Fair participant, BoxHeart Gallery, will be at Booth Room 210 where Cosmos and IOI OOI New Primitives artworks will be on view. In attendance will be exhibiting artists Daria Sandburg, Kyle Ethan Fischer, Joshua Hogan, Irina Koukhanova and Crista Pizano too. This is a stellar lineup not to be missed!

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Runnin’ Down a Dream

Two shows of note open at Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills MI, this Friday, November 17, 2017. Keith Haring: The End of the Line, revisits Haring’s temporary mural made for Cranbrook in 1987 through documentation and reference to later works, “Apocalypse” and “The Valley” with poet William S. Burroughs. Basquiat before Basquiat: East 12th Street, 1979-1980, archives a young Jean-Michel Basquiat before his rising popularity in his “working studio” East Village apartment he shared with friend, Alexis Adler

Shows run until March 11, 2018; along with exhibits Maya Stovall: Liquor Store Theatre Performance Films and Ryan McGinness Studio Views and Collection Views opening too.

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Getting a Handsel on It

The funny thing about support is that it can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time, no matter how busy. It’s got addresses and frequent flyer miles impossible to follow; friends-of-friends you’ll be lucky to ever physically meet; social media accounts flooded for its attention; families, responsibilities and interests it also is trying to upkeep. And yet, somehow, support finds time to send an encouraging note, a word of an opportunity; put people in touch and implement the resources necessary to see to your well-being. It’s the best friend that belongs to nobody which is why, when it is around, its presence is extra-special.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to receive Ontario Arts Council’s (OAC’s) support for the launch of a new, ongoing, autobiographical project, Cosmos. Comprised of folded-paper spherical objects made between bodies of work, Cosmos is a compendium of my thoughts and findings about explored themes and artistic processes, ordered chronologically.  Spheres demonstrate relationships among each other–both similarities and differences– viewable in the round and symbolic of the form–sand, particles, even atoms–of which life originates. Colour and pattern visually translate the discoveries made at that particular context in time as a way of making sense then, and in the future.

Cosmos Spheres “Scheme,” “Bubble,” “A King’s Tale,” “Dots” | Andrew Ooi, 2017 | Bicchu Gampi and Gampi, acrylic, ink | various sizes 2.9″-3.4″

BoxHeart Gallery debuts Cosmos at Aqua Art Miami, FL; December 6-10, 2017; Booth Room 210. The work will be on view alongside other terrific Gallery artists: Theodore Bolha, Seth Clark, Daria Sandburg, Heather Kanazawa, Crista Pizano, Irina Koukhanova, Joshua Hogan and Kyle Ethan Fischer.  Other stops include littletopia at the LA Art Fair, CA (2018) and Superfine! New York, NY (2018), where Cosmos continues to be spearheaded by support a while longer (racking up the miles, making introductions too!) thanks to the people and agencies who have made it possible and as always, extraordinary.  Thank-you!

Andrew Ooi acknowledges the funding support of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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Spot On

Thanks Lissa Brennan for your paper-sharp observations about IOI OOI New Primitives for the Pittsburgh City Paper’s, “Art Reviews + Features.”

Lissa Brennan makes way.

The paths taken, taking and takeaway (with so much regards to Pittsburgh!) are underway. (The “brain coral” is key.) Stay tuned!

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Fine Print

For your perspective, care, and tables turned about(!), a great thank-you to Kurt Shaw’s fine review for the Tribune-Review on exhibits William DeBernardi and Dale Huffman, and IOI OOI New Primitives currently running at BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh.

Tribune-Review‘s art critic, Kurt Shaw, pens perfection.

Exhibitions are up until September 22, 2017. Come salute the last days of summer and BoxHeart’s upcoming autumn lineup: Loveneverending, PGH10 + and Distortion.

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Pigeon Post

A huge thank-you to everyone who came out for the William DeBernardi and Dale Huffman, and IOI OOI New Primitives artists’ reception at BoxHeart Gallery Saturday night. The event was a homecoming welcome away from home: one that will stay with me forever, thanks to a new friend.

Pigeon | Sherry Rusinack | Photo 2017

Although already a heavy-weight, I hope this friend can carry one more message: My best always to the BoxHeart family (and extended family!), Pittsburgh, and the Little Italy Community. Until we meet again!

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A preview of the IOI OOI New Primitives exhibition installation at BoxHeart opening this week!

BoxHeart IOI OOI New Primitives Installation, 2017 | Photo and Installation: BoxHeart Gallery, 2017

Also showing are William DeBernardi and Dale Huffman on the main floor.

DeBernardi’s oil paintings capture unsuspecting people in everyday situations: texting, paying a parking meter, visiting a museum and more. In their examination of what’s in front of them (snapped with cell phone pics!), DeBernardi’s subjects isolate themselves from everything that’s happening around them. Removed from the situation depicted, viewers of the exhibit are left to see human behaviour in totality–the cause and the commentary, the reality and the art–of being who they are: of being, human.

Huffman’s ceramics do not disguise the “personal touch” that formed them. So biographical are the “pressing,” “squeezing” and “gripping” of his vases and tea pots that they all feel like natural extensions of the human body itself. That a tea bowl would fit in your palm perfectly, or that a teapot handle attracts the natural place for your hand to land, instinctively. Huffman is willing to let the materials and the process speak for themselves, of which they do in volumes! If DeBernardi’s paintings are about emptying feeling out (and into the gallery!) then Huffman’s ceramics is about filling it up; Ooi’s (that’s me!) paper artifacts, inventing it anew by exploring from where it all began.

IOI OOI New Primitives and William DeBernardi and Dale Huffman run from August 22 through September 22, 2017.

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Primitives Prefigure Liberty

My new show, IOI OOI New Primitives, prefigures libertyLiberty Avenue that is–at BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA from August 22 to September 22, 2017!

The Exhibition is a collection of hand -painted and -folded, gampi-paper modern artifacts inspired by the early expressions of primitive man and subsequent invention of art.

For me, personally, this is the work that has developed my understanding of form and colour in a new respect that has since shaped my artistic approach. In a way, these artworks are also my primitives.

IOI OOI New Primitives coincides with the main Gallery exhibit, William DeBernardi and Dale Huffman.

A HUGE thanks to BoxHeart’s indomitable duo, Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, for all their support and including me to their roster! Such an honour!

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Out of Time

Great news on the horizon, including upcoming exhibits and preview of latest work. (I’ll give you a clue: it has something to do with windows!)

Windows Composite, 2017 NAS  |  Digital Collage

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Rock of Ages

Sometimes in trying to build up the power within, it’s necessary to reach out to the powers around; especially the ones that have existed for ages, and especially if they are reaching out to you too. Given my approach to art, it should come to no surprise then that “gridding” with form and colour, in this case, semi-precious stones, is where I best find my will to expand.

Current support system includes blue calcite to channel energy; rose quartz for compassion, peace, self-awareness and -love; tree agate for courage and inner strength; and carnelian for creativity and confidence. Always selenite (not pictured) to clear and charge the other stones while increasing protection of the gridding.

Clockwise from top: Tree Agate, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Blue Calcite

 My little strip-of-sunset layout in developing immunity to 2017’s rocky start.

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